A Wanna-be Everything

This is my first blog post EVER. I’m 25 years old, its 2017, and I’ve never written a blog. Anyone else think this is a major flaw in my previous education? With that in mind, this could be rough, kids. Or it could be incredibly inspiring and moving and help me gain hundreds of followers, awards, and fame in the blog world on day one. Who knows?

Like I said in my bio, I am NOT a professional blogger. So I’m going to shoot for somewhere in between incredibly inspiring and rough, but just in case it’s on the lower end, thank you in advance for hanging with me.

I’m starting this blog to connect with all of the normal, average, every day, regular people out there. There has got to be someone else who has as many Pinterest Fails, DIY disasters, half-finished projects, average dinners, exercise junkie dreams, and empty storage containers purchased to organize and better their life as I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I have mad respect for the people that can pull off being a Pinterest Star.

I’m just not one of them.


Wanna-Be Projects at their finest

What I am, is a dreamer with a lot of confidence, free time, and a craft room. Just enough to be dangerous. I’m one of those people that sees a project and knows
wholeheartedly that I could do it. Until I spend $100, hours of time, and a chunk of my pride on it, just to realize that maybe I can’t quite do it…

After my most recent wanna-be fail (this time it was Wanna-Be Seamstress. I went for baby bibs… I don’t have a baby, just thought it would be fun…), I’ve decided WHO CARES. Who cares if it sucks, if it doesn’t look like the picture, if it’s barely stitched together, or if it doesn’t actually fit on a real baby.

I love this stuff.

I love getting psyched about a new potential project, I love day dreaming about starting my own company and selling whatever I’m making for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I love actually doing the project. If it doesn’t turn out, it doesn’t turn out.

I’M NOT GOING TO HIDE IN SHAME ANYMORE! I know there are Wanna-Be’s out there like me, chomping at the bit to share their average, almost-there projects and wanna-be dreams. So here’s my blog. Wanna-Be Everything. I’ll share my wanna-be success stories and fails, and I can share some of yours as well.

I’ll be posting my first wanna-be post later this weekend.
Check back later for Chronicles of a Wanna-be Fail of the Week:

Wanna-be Bib-ster: Baby Bib Tips and Fails

Enjoy 🙂


(Do you sign blog posts? I don’t even know).


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