A Wanna-be Bibster

Before I get into the actual blog, I want to preface it. This is not a How To Blog.

I’m a wanna-be just like you, and trust me, I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. I’m still trying to figure that out myself! This blog is simply to share what worked for me and what didn’t. After that, you’re on your own, kid. 

On to the post!

A few months ago, I had one of my earth shattering ideas. BABY BIBS. Baby bibs with animal faces on them, to be more specific.

Before I continue, let me tell you something about myself. When I get an idea in my head, there’s no stopping me. I get 100 percent invested, usually within 10 minutes or so of coming up with the idea, to the point where I’m planning out business names, setting aside money in a saving account for potential expenses, and researching competitors.

This happens almost once a month… Total Wanna-Be entrepreneur. *Sigh*

Back to the bibs- and my potential company, Bibster. (Yeah… my non-existent company has a name…).

I saw a post on Pinterest about a baby bib, and I knew, just knew, I could make them. All I had to do was invest in water-proof backing, find some cute cotton fabric, and draw out my idea. How hard could it be? I didn’t even need to waste my money on a pattern, bibs are just square, right? (Fun fact- bibs are not just square).

After picking up my supplies, I got to work. Like a lot of things, I’m okay at sewing, but not great by any means. Sewing takes patience, and some days, that’s not my strong suit. It didn’t help that I was going off of virtually nothing, no experience using bibs, no bib lying around the house, no pattern for the bib, etc. I drew out a square and cut a hole in it for the neck, and I was off.

Putting the actual bib together is NOT hard. Seriously, it’s one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve ever done. Moms- don’t spend tons of money on bibs. They’re easy to make!

The next trick was figuimg_6660ring out how to fasten it.

My first couple of bibs had little metal fasteners. Pain in the A**. Ladies, don’t use them. Reasons listed below.

After much research, I found out there’s a handy-dandy tool, Snap Pliers, specifically for making bibs fasten. Ok, maybe that’s not what they’re totally for… But in this case, they’re a life saver. Picture at the bottom of this post. 

Long story short, my first bib turned out “alright,” although I wouldn’t call it a success. Let’s face it, if it didn’t have those giant lopsided eyes, I’m not sure if it would even be considered cute. Those eyes saved the bib. Fun fact- I cut up a t-shirt to make the eyes. See, I’m crafty! 

My bibs after that were… Interesting. I’m not sure what I was going for, I should have stuck to the animal theme. I must have seen a picture somewhere along the line to try to attach two different kinds of fabric on the front. Cute idea, but man, not worth it.

After trying a bib on my adorable nephew (pictured above), I realized that I was way off on what bibs actually looked like, and I decided to take a break from Bibster. Maybe it wasn’t quite my life calling.


Note all the various sizes and oddly shaped corners. Use a pattern, please

*rolls eyes looking at pile of fabric never getting used*

But being a wanna-be bibster, not caring if it was “my calling” or not, I set to putting a list together (imagine that), of what worked and what clearly did NOT work.

So here you go, reader. Tips and Fails when being a Wanna-Be Bibster.

How Not to Make A Bib

  1. Assume you know what a bib looks like, when you haven’t even touched or seen a bib (or for that matter, a baby) in years.
  2.  Pick out fabric because it’s cute, not practical/absorbent. Bibs are just for fashion, right?
  3. Use the little metal fasteners from the fabric store that you have to painstakingly sew on, that can easily come off in the washer or babies mouth. Don’t invest in a fastener-majig, specifically for fastening bibs.
  4. Make sure the bib fastens at the top, because parents can totally see behind their hungry bfullsizerender1aby’s head and want to mess around with tiny little metal snaps. Super time efficient.
  5. Add ddelicate little chicken feet, not strongly reinforced, that will come off when sucked on. Bibs with choking hazards, every parent’s dream.
  6. Forget to leave a seam allowance so your bib comes out half the size you wanted it to. Or leave too much allowance and make a giant blanket bib.
  7. Spend tons of money on supplies, only to decide since your first bib didn’t come out perfect, you should give up, and then let them sit in your craft room for months, collecting dust, reminding you of your crazy wanna-be dreams.
  8. Go to the store and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a bib made by a real bibster.

I’m hoping you picked up on my sarcasm above, but if not,  that was how NOT to make a baby bib. But if you’re like me, with a huge skimming problem and just read the steps, good luck. Your bibs will turn out just like mine. Please see below for tips (not fails) for actually making your bib.

Tips for Actually Making a Bib

  1. Find a bib pattern! If you’re not wanting to buy one, trace a bib you already have! This saved me and helped create my only usable/successful bib.
  2. Pick out a sturdy fabric for the front. I used cotton, but I think flannel would be nice too.
  3. Get absorbent material or terry cloth for the back. If you get lined material, make sure the smooth/water proof side is facing towards the inside of your bib (touching the front material), the fuzzy nice side will make the back/outside of your bib. I messed this part up!
  4. If you’re adding any decorations on the front, make sure 
    Boutique Snap Pliers

    Snap pliers Hobby Lobby $19.99

    to add these before you actually start piecing the bib together. And with that, make sure you’re securing them completely.
  5. Invest in Snap Pliers. I realized the little metal fasteners are difficult to sew on and can easily come off. Velcro gets scratchy and will stick to everything in the wash. Snaps are the way to go! And they come in fun colors.
  6. Cut out your fabric and start sewing!
  7. Once put together and attached, press with hot iron, this will make it lay nicer.
  8. Before making multiple bibs, try them on a baby! Or in my case, with babies in short supply, a puppy.

Each bib you make will get better, I promise. Don’t let the first couple wreck your dreams. The edges will get smoother, your lines will get straighter. Just breathe. And you know what, if they don’t get better, at least you tried, and chances are, you loved it.

Wanna-be Bimg_6674ibster is super attainable, just go for it! If I can do it, so can you! With that… Anyone want to buy a bib? I’ll get you one super cheap. I’m being serious 😉

Thanks for reading, Wanna-Be’s! Check back next weekend for another huge Pinterest fail… Wanna-Be Cake Boss


-XOXO Gossip Girl Angela


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