A Little About Me

Let me start out by saying I am NOT a blogger. I’m not even sure I would be considered a great writer. But I am a wanna-be blogger. And a wanna-be writer. It’s fun, and I love it. What more reason do I need than that? So I hope you enjoy reading my wanna-be chronicles, or at least have a good laugh at my expense 🙂

I have an insane desire to be great at everything, and after 25 years, I’ve realized that I’m not really great at anything (except lists, completing lists, misspelling words, and run-on sentences). Regardless if  I’m great at something or not, I loveeee trying out anything and everything, and I’m going to continue to do that, ‘cuz why not. (First run-on sentence of the blog. You’re welcome).

I am a wanna-be chef, artist, master seamstress, event coordinator, homemaker, foodie, housewife, role-model, Pinterest extraordinaire, wino, fitness guru, DIY-er, and so many other things, and I am here to blog and say, there is NO shame in being a wanna-be.



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