Wanna-be Wedding Connoisseur

Hello, everyone! It’s been practically forever since my last blog, and I know you’ve all been begging for another wanna-be chronicle! Actually, I’m not sure any of you have even noticed, but I like to pretend I have fans writing me, pleading for another post, and sending me their own ideas for future blogs.

Wanna-be Blog Star, right here.

I have had a couple of incredibly busy months! Between a promotion at work, wedding planning, battling first trimester exhaustion (surprise!!), and life, I have had zero time to do anything “meaningful,” like laundry or blogging.

Not that I’d classify blogging in the same category as laundry, but life was nuts, a few things had to take the back burner. Sorry to my now husband, who’s had to scrounge for clean clothes for weeks (months). His legs aren’t broken and he knows how to do laundry, but… I digress.

Since getting engaged and planning the wedding, which was absolutely amazing, by the way (I’m biased, but really), I have had the Wanna-be Wedding Connoisseur/Planner/Extraordinaire bug.

Does everyone feel this way? It’s so weird going from constant planning and lists, to totally done. Only Thank You cards to send and leftover centerpiece junk to get rid of. Talk about a total let down!

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